NO RETURNS ON BOOKS, I'm not running a library.
Shipping cost for books will be what the Post Office charges me.  (Flat rate fee does not apply to books)
Contact me for shipping cost gshowtable @yahoo.com

Books, New:
   U.S. Airgun Magazine                                                                                             $5.

Books, Used (they were read once):
   War Machines, Land                                                                                                  15.
   Pistols, A Modern Encyclopedia (1961)                                                                 10.
   The Mammoth Book of Battles (paperback)                                                           5.
   Steam Engine Projects (1871)                                                                                     5.

   Peace & War Industry                                                                                                    2.
   Manhattan Project / Atomic Bomb                                                                              3.
   War Planes 1945--1976                                                                                                   2.
   Battles Lost & Won
WWII                                                                                           10.
   Fulcrum Russian Fighter                                                                                               5.
   The War Business                                                                                                           5.

   Mighty Endeavor
WWII Battles                                                                                   5.
   Tank (hardcover)                                                                                                              5.
   British & American Tanks
WWII                                                                                10.
   Tank Guide
WWII                                                                                                           13.

   Death Sentence (follow on from Death Wish)                                                            3.

   Electric Motor Control 5th Ed.                                                                                         7.
Time   Its Origin, Enigma, History                                                                                   4.
   The Universe (Astronomy education)                                                                           5.
The People Motivators  (salesmanship)                                                                        2.
   How to be Your Own Lawyer                                                                                            4.
   Super Threats (Be your own Lawyer)                                                                             4.

All inquiries must include an SASE.  No SASE, No response.