Close Out Items

Specials/One of a Kind and Last of the Discontinued Items

   1/2-20 to 9/16-18                                                                    $20.
   7/16-14 to 9/16-18                                                                    20.
   9/16-18 to 1/2-20                                                                      16.

OTHER Assorted Parts
   Compensator, spoon type for SKS. No threading
     necessary. Locks with set screw.                    each      $10.


Discontinued Item:  15mm Whistle, Racket or Report Cartridge Launcher, threaded 1/2-20.    SOLD OUT

Shoots commonly called Bird Bombs to chase away birds, dogs and other unwanted wildlife.  Due to recent legislation, you may need a license to purchase Bird Bombs.  Check with a supplier.

All inquiries must include an SASE.   No SASE, No response.