Temporarily suspended due to time constraints.  When things are better, I'll be able to make them again.

Maxim coupling is attached by being pressed on the barrel forward of the front sight.  It is used primarily for .22 rimfire rifles.  It cannot be used where the front sight is less than 
1/2 inch from the muzzle (the 10/.22 Ruger is an example of one that cannot be used.)  The maxim coupling is a semi-permanent installation, not easily removable.

When ordering specify the gun's make & model, barrel diameter at the muzzle (micrometer measurements) and distance from the muzzle to the front of the front sight or ramp.  If the barrel is tapered, also send the barrel diameter 1" back from the muzzle.   With 1/2-20 thread  
With 1/2-28 thread , allow 3-4 weeks for maxim to be made.

All inquiries must include an SASE.  No SASE, No response.