Tranquilizer Dart Projector Set


Tranquilizer dart projection barrel for use on .22 cal. pistols and rifles.  The barrel is threaded 1/2-20 on the breech end.  You can thread your gun's barrel 1/2-20 (standard U.S. fine thread) or use a D.A.Q. Muzzle Coupling.

000_0207gun & proj set 2.jpg (114744 bytes)
What the Projector Set looks like on a gun, using a muzzle coupling.
Pistol & muzzle coupling not included


437proj_set.jpg (57861 bytes)
The Projector Set; out of stock  Set contains: barrel & breech, one injector dart, one practice dart & instructions.

   It is important the user learn the limitations and degree of accuracy of
   his projector. He should be able to estimate weight and distance and
   have good knowledge of the animals he is handling.
   The target area should be the heavy muscle area. Preferably the hip,
   but the neck, shoulder and loin shots are effective. The flank, ribs
   and bony areas should be avoided as they can result in injury or
   Darts contain a small explosive charge which detonates on impact
   and quickly injects the drug. The 1cc dart will usually bounce off the
   animal, but because of the small quantity of liquid, the injection will
   be complete. In poor light or shadows, the dart will flash when the
   explosive detonates.
   Rompun and Sucostrin (liquid Succinylcholine Chloride) are available
   through veterinarians and are effective in darts. Use Large Animal
   Rompun which is supplied in 50ml bottles with a concentration of
   100 mg per ml.

Darts are projected by blank Blank Cartridges, the same as used in Uni-Set
& Remington Power Hammers.  Sizes #1 through #6 are used.

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