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New items added on 1/8/19   This page updated 5/14/22
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For inquiries of Gun Show Table items only, email  gshowtable  @yahoo.com
(don't put the space in the address, it's only that way here to prevent harvesting, and the eventual spam that follows)  Flat fee shipping rate does NOT apply to items on the Gun Show Table.  Items on this page will be charged the actual shipping amount.  Please inquire about postage rate for items on this page before you order.


  Top; MAC 12 guage signal pistol, has the original box. SOLD.
Center; Mayday screw barrel signal pistol, 1"/25mm, with 12 guage adaptor.  SOLD
Bottom; German GECO, 1"/25mm, with 12 guage flare adaptor.  $90. SOLD





Top; Unmarked double action 10 guage, with 12 guage adaptor.  I was told that it was used by
     the US Navy, but I can't find a Navy mark on it.  If you know, please inform me.
Center; British Very flare pistol, WWII, has a lug on the barrel like a bayonet, to lock it in place in the
    plane, directing it in a safe direction for the swordfish & gladiator biplanes so it wouldn't hit a
    bracing wire or a strut.  The didn't call the plane a string bag for nothing.
    There's a report of pilot officer Stuckey downing a Italian SM70 bomber over Mersa Matruh with
    a flare pistol, hitting the enemy cockpit.  I don't what to price this pistol at, if you know, please inform
Bottom; marked 1" cal., plated brass signal pistol, includes an expended aluminum flare casing.
    Another pistol that I don't know what to price it at.  I paid $125. for it in 1985.


1) Extractor  $60.
2) Magazine catch guard $7.
3) Magazine catch spring $2.
4) Magazine catch $11.
5) Guide rod retaining clip $4.

Rifle Barrels:
Some of these barrels use a locking nut like a Savage 110 rifle. You don't need a lathe or chambering reamers to fit those barrels.  You thread the barrel in to the receiver using a headspace gauge for the proper setting and then tighten the barrel nut to lock the barrel in place.  Deep chambered barrels use a lathe to face material off the chamber end of the barrel to get proper headspace.  Short chambered barrels are threaded into the receiver and, using a reamer extension, you can hand turn the reamer to cut the chamber the little bit that is necessary to get proper headspace.

5341.jpg (68079 bytes)
Galil .223, new, threaded muzzle, Israeli manufactured $140.
Cetme .308 SOLD

5343.jpg (63287 bytes)
Savage 110 Edge, .30-06, new take off with nut $100.
Savage 110, .223, 24", new Shaw, blued (list $160.)   $110.
Savage 110, .223, 22", new take off, $90. (not pictured)

5429.jpg (68878 bytes)
AR Gray butt, new $40.
CAR barrel, 16", 1-9, A3 gas block, threaded muzzle, new $145.
G3 cocking tube, full length, removed from demil, $20.
FAL top cover, used $5.
FAL flash, used $6.

5430.jpg (74286 bytes)
Remington 788 30-30 mag  SOLD
Remington 788 mag guide  SOLD
Savage 340 30-30 mag SOLD
S&W Victory barrel, parkerized, 5", military surplus $45.
.223 head space gauges, new $35. for both
Thompson, TSMG, demil receiver parts, rear 3/4" long, ejection port area 3" SOLD


Colt manufacture 9mm SOLD
Colt manufacture .45 Govt barrel  $80.
I bought these barrels new.  I put each one in my gun and test fired them for function, then removed them and put them away as replacements.  I don't have the guns, but I still have the barrels.
3086.jpg (53118 bytes) 3118.jpg (36045 bytes) 



Colt .45 Govt parts.  Most are blued Colt commercial parts.
I have more than one of each part.  Prices are per part.
Rear sight  $2.3103.jpg (54057 bytes)
Target front  $5.
Mag catch lock  $5.
Mag catch  $15.
Recoil spring guide  $12.
Recoil spring plug  $6.
Sear  $15.
Plunger tube  $5.
Ejector  $5.
Commander grip safety  $


 3114.jpg (110866 bytes)

Fire sights for 1911 SOLD
Reverse plug SOLD
Grip front $9.

Colt manufactured black powder pistol parts:  These are new parts purchased as replacements for the guns that I had, but no longer have.
Colt 1851, 1860, 1861 all the parts you see in the picture, including 2 bolt springs  $120.
Colt Baby Dragoon all the parts you see in the picture, with one bolt spring  $110.
3093.jpg (47636 bytes) 3095.jpg (39771 bytes)

Williams receiver sights:3112.jpg (121267 bytes)
5D, #4 Lee Enfield  $25.
5D, Mauser, Jap, Enfield, Springfield  $25.
Foolproof Winchester 94  $40.
SKS peep sight  $18.



 tCutter Grinder For Making rifling buttons & chambering reamers

2921.jpg (254763 bytes)  2923.jpg (228086 bytes)  2925.jpg (176614 bytes) click on pictures to enlarge
Make rifling buttons; chambering reamers for cartridge arms; sharpen drills, chasers, reamers, mill & form cutters.  Comes with the index head, which is an expensive accessory if bought separately.  Can run on 3 phase or single phase.  $625.

These are items I no longer need or want any longer.  This is not an inventory, mostly I have just one of each item, so just like a gun show, you buy it when you see it because there's no replacement.  All items subject to prior sale.

Ordering & shipping information is at the bottom of this page (end of the list).
Items on this page will be charged actual shipping costs, flat rate shipping fee does not apply.

Miscellaneous Items

From left to right:
Top Row
  Browning Machine Gun cloth belt SOLD
  Browning Machine Gun metal links, Israeli, new, in 20 rnd. boxes, I have 10
     boxes, $1.50 per box2190.jpg (135323 bytes)

Bottom Row
  Houston paddle holster R. H., Beretta 92/96, 
    Taurus 9mm, new $10.
  Wrench for CAR butt stock & Colt 45 barrel 
    bushing, new $5.
  Ramline 25 rnd. magazine SOLD



Click on pictures to enlarge them


Removing & installing a barrel will not damage the gun when done in this manner.  
The barrel is clamped in wooden blocks.  You can put plastic wrap around the barrel to prevent scratching the finish.  If the barrel has a lug or extended shroud, just plain wood blocks will keep it from rotating.  If it is a round, tapered barrel, without a lug you can contour the wood blocks to fit the barrel so that it will not rotate.  (If1483.jpg (158223 bytes) it's a pinned barrel, remember to remove the pin.)  click on pictures to enlarge



The tool for holding the revolver frame clamps it from either side so the frame cannot twist in the thin area of the crane cut out. 
1489.jpg (83613 bytes)
You can make a tool, as pictured here, 
or purchase one from Brownell's. 




1486.jpg (145882 bytes)The frame tool is clamped to the revolver's frame.  
You can put black electrical tape on the tool, where it contacts 
the frame, to prevent marring the finish.  The barrel can be 
unscrewed with this set up.  





MUZZLE COUPLING for rimfire pistol and rifle.  The pictured coupling is on a Ruger Std. Auto, it is attached and removed easily because the lockrings secure it behind the front sight.  With 1/2-20 or 1/2-28 thread $35., plus shipping. For more information click on the following words: muzzle couplings 
000_0186coupling option 1.jpg (36864 bytes)   000_0177coupling edit 01.jpg (40021 bytes)

For shipping information and types of payment, go to the top of the page and click on the "home" button.  On the home page there's more information, plus you can go to the order blank page and print it out.

 A: NAACO .22 rifle trigger, new $5.2362.jpg (107342 bytes)
 B: Remington 514 trigger, used  $6.
 C: H&R, rf rifles, used,  $15.
 D: Stevens #58/Savage #4, used, $16.
 F: Stevens #15 trigger & sear bar, used  $10.
 G: Ruger 77 Hornet, new, $17.
 H: High Standard/JC Higgins bolt shotgun, used, $13.
 I:  Ithaca Super Single, used, $20.

Most of these parts are warranty take outs from new guns.  The factory requires replacing the part, rather than light fitting with an oil stone.
 E: S & W triggers, used, lot of 4  $308rev_parts.jpg (135002 bytes)35.
 G: Colt .22RF, used  $20.
 H: Colt D frame, nickel, used: stripped $12. (the other one is sold)
 I: Colt rimfire, 1 nickel, used, lot of 3  $32.
 J: Colt, 1 nickel, used, lot of 5  $42.
 K: trigger, don't know what it fits  $4.
 L: Colt, used, lot of 2  $18.
 N: S & W used, lot of 4  $13.
 O: Colt used, lot of 2  $16.

 P: ?
 S: Colt ratchets, used, lot of 2  $18.
 T: Colt ejector rods, 1 nickel, 2 blue, used, lot of 3 (was only 2 in photo) $13.
 U: Cylinder stops, used, lot of 8  $18.
 V: Colt ejector rods, 2 nickel, 1 blue, used, lot of 3 (was 4 in photo) $13.
 W: S & W center pins, used, lot of 3  $14.309rev_parts.jpg (114704 bytes)
 Y: Colt hammer struts, used, lot of 3  $10.
 Z: Hammer blocks, used, lot of 2  $3.
 1: SOLD
 2: SOLD
 3: Hands, used, lot of 3  $15.
 4: Hands, used, lot of 4  $20.
 5: SOLD
 6: SOLD
 7: SOLD
 8: S & W firing pins, new, lot of 2  $13.
 9: S & W, used, 3 parts  $30.


 A: K-25 parts, what you see is what you get, sold as a lot $25.
 C: SOLD355_25_auto_parts.jpg (133204 bytes)
 D: Parts, same pistol as B & C,  sold as a lot  $25.
 H: RG model 25 zinc slide, new (in the white) $25.
 J: Parts for Bauer (and some Browning made parts), the stainless are Bauer,
        the blued are Browning: 
         Sear, stainless $10.
         Sear, blued $10.
         Magazine catch SOLD
         Trigger SOLD
         Trigger connector $10.
         Screws SOLD
 K: Bauer stainless steel barrel, used $20.

 M: 25 cal. barrel for ? $20.
 N: 22 cal. barrel, extended, for ?  $30.
 O: SOLD357_25_auto_parts.jpg (99755 bytes)
 P: barrel for ?  $15.
 U: RG 25 firing pin, used $10.
 V: Colt Jr?, firing pin, used $5.
 X: Titan 25 disconnector, used $7.

"Home" is at the top of the page, click on it.  From there you can go to the Order Blank page and print it out.  Shipping information is at the bottom of this page.


 A: SOLD277gun_parts.jpg (99007 bytes)
 C: Le Francaise .25 cal. slide, complete  $75.
 F: Lorcin .25 auto firing pin, firing pin spring & stop & recoil

 C: Unknown Derringer trigger, new $1.291parts.jpg (130841 bytes)
 G: Winchester #43 firing pin, new  SALE PENDING
 H: Firing pin, unknown $1.
 I: Wilson 45 Govt checkered front strap (wrap around), blue, new $9.
 J: S & W model 59, 9mm, 15 round mag., fits Marlin Camp Carbine, 
        new $15.

 A: STEN  barrel bushing, new  $25.
 B: .45ACP mag loader for M3 & MAC, new  $10.287mag_parts.jpg (94427 bytes)
 C: 9mm loading tool, Finnish army, works on STEN
        MP40, etc., new  $7.
 D: Jennings model 59  9mm mag., new  $15.
 F: STEN cover screws, round head, new, 1 pair for $1.
 G: STEN cover screws, flat head, new, 1 pair for $1.
 H: M1 Carbine magazine covers, 3 for $2.

 A: Shotgun extractor, square shank, unknown $1.295eject_extract.jpg (126470 bytes)
 C: Shotgun extractor, round shank, unknown $1.
 F: Firing pin, unknown $1.
 G: Savage/Stevens/Springfield 410 extractor, new  $14.
 J: Savage/Stevens extractor spring, new $5.
 L: Stevens extractor spring, new $4.
 M: Remington 700 ejector, new $4.
 O: Savage/Stevens/Springfield .22RF long arm extractor, new $8.

 B: Universal 30 M1 Carbine, plastic single column   $8.
 E: SOLDmags.jpg (158720 bytes)
not pictured: 
 Millet 10rnd, transparent, , Mini-14, new in the package $10.


The magazines below are new, unless stated used. All are original manufacturer unless stated otherwise.  Not all magazine are pictured, just a sample of them.
 Astra 400 other mfg. $12.
 Astra .25 $20.
 Bernardelli .25 extended $25.
 Bernardelli .22 w/finger rest $25.340magazines.jpg (82676 bytes)
 Bernardelli .32 w/finger rest $25.
 Basque .32, have one nickel,  $15.
 Browning 1910 FN marked .32 & .380 $20. each
 Browning 1910 military, used $10.
 Beretta .25, for mag catch at bottom of grip $20.
 Echasa .32, have one nickel, $15.
 Fast .32, have one nickel, $15.
 H&R .32, other mfg. $12.
 Jennings 59 9mm, 13 round $18.
 Llama 9mm $18.
 Locrin .22 $10.
 Mentor .25 used $15.
 Raven .25  $8.
 Pieper .32 used $25.
 Star M $30.
 Star .32 $20.
 Styer .25 $30.
 S&W 35 cal. used $35.
 S&W 59 15 round, USA brand $15.
 TDE .380 backup, aluminum floorplate $25.
 TDE .380 backup, stainless steel floorplate $25.

 BREN .303, 32 round, used  $12.

Shipping information at the bottom of this page.  Please visit the Home page, click on "Home" at either the top or bottom of this page, and go to the order blank page and print out an order blank for your convenience.

RELOADING DIES: these are new die sets5427.jpg (83992 bytes)
 Lee RGB die sets, new $11. each:
     22/250 Sale pending,6.5 x 55 Swede, 30/30 
 Lee Speed die, carbide, 38 Special  $13.
 Lee .22 Hornet collet die set, new $20.
 Lymon 220 Swift, new $20.
 RCBS 300 H&H, used $20.


 B: Elliason base, stripped, used $5.
 C: Unmarked aluminum base with white outline blade, used $10.288rear_sights.jpg (124228 bytes)
 E: Accro satin nickel, complete, used $25.
 F: Accro blue, without sight blade or adjustment screw, used $12.
 G: Williams guide, open rear sight, with screws, new $18.
 H: Williams SKS open rear sight, new $18.
 I: Williams fiber optic sight set for Colt Govt Service 80, new $25.

GRIPS (sets of left & right):
 B: HS Double 9 (SA look-a-like), plastic, early 60's
      design, new (old stock) $7.
 E: Colt single action, P & G frame, plastic, $7.
 F: Colt large frame, plastic, Fitwell brand, new (old stock) $6.601grips.jpg (156364 bytes)
 I: Colt Lightning, plastic, new (old stock) $10.
 N: Hogue Monogrip, S&W "K" frame, square butt, new $14.


 A: GunMate nylon, for small frame revolver up to 2 1/2" barrel, new $8.
 B: Small leather belt holster for ?, used $2.
 D: GunMate nylon, for large frame pistol up to 4" barrel, new $8.419holsters.jpg (136253 bytes)
 E: Large leather holster for ?, used $3.
 G: Uncle Mike's nylon belt holster, fits 3-4" semi-auto,
        ambidextrous w/clip pouch, new $18.
 (not pictured) Houston paddle holster, for Beretta 92/96 & Taurus, new $10.

Nylon holsters for large & medium frame auto pistols, has a spare mag pouch on the front & velcro adjustment on the belt loop.2617.jpg (111720 bytes)
Leg holster, black or camo, new $8.
 Belt holster, black or camo, new $5.
 Leather shoulder holster, E. German made, for the .32 & 
    .380 auto loaders, w/mag pouch, new $10.


  .45 magazine pouch marked P.B. & Co. 9-19182626.jpg (96789 bytes)  $22.
  .45 mag pouch marked Mills July 1918  $22.
  .45 mag pouch marked Mills Oct. 1918  $22.
  Parts pouch WWII, 3x3 1/2", these were for the
      Thompson M1 rifle, '03 Spfld or M1 Carbine, 
       excellent condition, I have 6 of them, $2.50 each


 A: 12 gauge choke (fits Winchoke) hardened, stainless, 284_12_gauge.jpg (123764 bytes)
        suitable for steel shot, modified, new  $14.
 B: 12 gauge choke (fits Winchoke) hardened, 
        stainless, suitable for steel shot, improved cylinder, new  $14.
 C: Belt pouch, holds 2 choke tubes, new  $3.
 F: Wrench for Winchokes, new  $4.50

SCOPE MOUNTS:2622.jpg (119092 bytes)
  Rem. 870, 1100, 1187, Tasco, new, $10.
  Mossberg 500, Leupold, new, $22.


SCOPE RINGS (Rimfire & Airgun):
 A: 3/4", new $3.50
 B: 1", high gloss, new $6.
 C: 1", high matt, new $6.369rings.jpg (166350 bytes)
 D: 1", Bushnell, horizontally split, new $4.
 E: 1", Bushnell, vertically split, new $6.25
 G: 30mm, Tasco, new $10.
 H: 1", Tasco, new $6.
 I: 1", See-Thru, to put big lensed scopes on 
           .22 rifles, new $9.


SCOPE BASES: (not all bases are pictured, but all bases are new)
 Redfield, H&R Ultra (pictured 2nd from right in top row)  $6.
 Weaver side mount:
    #2 for Krag & .22RF rifles $6.
    #4 for Remington 8 & 81  $6.616scope_bases.jpg (62949 bytes)
    #5 for Mauser rifles  $7.
    #8 for pump shotguns  $6.
 Weaver 1 piece base:
    #53 for Winchester 88 & 100  $4.
    #63B for Marlin 336, etc.  $4.
    #74 for Savage 24  $4.
    #81 for H&R 360, 361  $4.
 Weaver 2 piece:
    #15 Savage 19 & 23 rear, Rem. 541 front or rear  $2.
    #36M Rem. 700, 78, 721/2 & Weatherby Mk5 rear $2.
    #36 & 40A Rem. 700 SA, set $4.
    #48 Win. 54, 1 3/8 diameter $2.
    #61 Savage 110, rear base, $2.
    #85 Ruger #1 & #3 rear $2.
    #86 Ruger #3 front $2.
 TASCO 1 piece base: (the bottom 2 rows in picture)
    Rem. 700, 742, 725 short action  $2.
 SKS rifle 1 piece base, base & top cover would need to be drilled & 
    tapped, or would fit 1 1/4" diameter receivers, or spring airgun tubes $2.


CATALOGS: (not all are pictured)
 Winchester 1991  $2.
 Win. 1990  $2.
 Win. 1987, ammunition guide $2.
 Win. 1984  $3.
 Win. 1971, NRA centennial, holes for ring binder $3.
 Colt 1997  $5.
 Colt 1978  $5.623catalogs.jpg (144381 bytes)
 Colt 1977  $5.
 Colt 1974  $5.
 Colt 1967  $8.
 Colt 1982, parts & price list $5.
 Marlin 1990  $2.
 Marlin 1984  $2.
 Marlin 1972, holes for ring binder  $2.       
click on the picture to enlarge
 Marlin 1968, holes for ring binder  $2. 
 Ruger 1995  $2.
 Ruger 1992  $3.
 Ruger 1991  $3.
 Ruger 1990  $3.
 Ruger 1988  $4.
 S&W 1992  $2.
 S&W 1990  $3.
 S&W publication #01-1174-12, no date, but has the #30 & #31 listed and 
     #59, holes for ring binder  $5.
 Sterling 1973 with copy ready photographs of the .25 Auto  $3.
 Savage 1999  $2.
 Savage 1998  $2.
 Remington 1992  $2.
 Mitchell Arms 1995  $2.
 Blaser 1998  $2.

Thread measuring triangles, the attachments are still sealed in the box, have 
     rubber  holder that attaches it to the anvils of a standard 2629.jpg (125521 bytes)
     micrometer  making it a thread  measuring micrometer. $35.
 Indicator holder fits a spindle of 1 7/8 diameter max.  $5.
 Mitatoyo Uni-Mike $65.
 #1 MT center, have 3,  $1. each
 Electronic edge finder for use in milling machines, 1/2 dia.  $25.


3/4" cap. SOLD
   3/4" cap., #36 Jacobs, w/#2 MT, got some dings, just cosmetic $35.2613.jpg (105783 bytes)
   5/8" cap. SOLD
   5/8" cap. SOLD

   1/2" cap., import, <.001 run out, w/#1 MT, new $12.
   1/2" cap., import, w/#2 MT SOLD
   1/2" cap., Jacobs, w/#2 MT, new $18.
   1/2" cap., Jacobs, w/#2 MT, new $35.
   1/4" cap., Rohm, 3/8 straight shank, new $30.

Chucks with a straight shank allow you to mill with a cutter in the collet and then when you change to drill a hole you just remove the cutter and put the drill chuck in the collet.  Many times you may not even have to change your height because the chucks are low profile.  These are all Jacobs brand chucks.1373.jpg (102296 bytes)
From left to right:
  3/8 capacity with 1/2" shank SOLD
  3/8 cap. with 3/8" shank SOLD
  1/4" cap. with 3/8" shank SOLD
  1/4" cap. with 3/8" shank, used  $12.



SHOP EQUIPMENT: (left to right)682_parts.jpg (114280 bytes)
 Drill sharpening device for grinders, metal, unused $12.
 Tool post with bevel ring & rocker, for 10-12" lathes $10.
 Drill bit sharpener SOLD




MISCELLANEOUS:649lube.jpg (126489 bytes)
 A: Webley & Scott 28 gauge shotgun cleaning boxed set, late 60's $20.
 B: Cleaning brush for M16 (I have 20) 25 each
 C: Push through cleaning brush, has a rubber plug 
         on each end that's 7/8" 
         diameter, the bristles are for 25mm 75 each

20mm cleaning brush, new.  $2. each.   I have a dozen of them.
3079.jpg (65202 bytes)

 B: M-7 with 1 live cartridge & 2 fired ones $75.389misc.jpg (131926 bytes)
 D: Hammer, unknown, used $5.
 G: Lyman Scale & Trimmer dust cover, new $4.50

 A: Butt Plate 5" long, 1 7/8" wide  $7.50468misc.jpg (113691 bytes)
 E: Trigger guard, inside of the bow is 2 1/4" long  $2.
 F: Spring steel 1/32" (same as .032), 2"x6"   $2. each

   .22 magnum magazine, new  SOLD
   Marlin 80 bolt body & head SOLD2641.jpg (96586 bytes)
   Marlin 80 bolt head, blued, used  $15.
   Magazine guide & catch, new  $9.
   Trigger, sear & mount, used  $22.
   Marlin 80 magazine receiver catch $3.
   Marlin 80 floor pointed end SOLD
   Marlin 80 floor plate & take down screw $8.
   Marlin 80 ejector $2.50
   Marlin 50 open bolt firing rifle breech bolt $35.


SPRINGS:275springs_all_types.jpg (101510 bytes)
 B: Frizzen  $4.
 C:  ?   $8.
 D: Small frame revolver springs, lot of 5  $15.
 E: 'V' spring  $4.
 F: Muzzle Loader trigger spring $2.


 B: Nose cap for 7/8 barrel, cap is 2" long, new $7.
 C: Wedge 1/8" thick, 1 3/8" from under the head to the wedge, new $2.50
 D: Tower Lock Plate, original, date 1862  $20.
 E: Sear M1826/36 pistol, unused original $5.
 F: Sear, large, Charleville/Brown Bess, new reproduction $6.
 G: Sear spring, large, 5/16" wide, 13/16" from center of eye
         to the 'V' (I have 2)  $2. each
 H: Sears, variety, grab bag (no choice), sold individually $2. each
 I: Bridle, Siler, large, new $5.
 J: Sear, Bridle & Tumbler set, new $15.
 K: Hammer screw (not all are pictured) sold individually, $2.  each
         1816 musket364ML_parts.jpg (122209 bytes)
         4.5 x 1mm thread
         6-40 thread
         5-40 thread
         4 x 1mm
 L: Siler Sear, new $5.
 M: Sear, large, new $5.
 N: Bridle, Lancaster & Ketland, new $3.
 O: Screws, sold individually, $4 each
          1/2" long with 1/2-28 thread
          1/2" long with 12-24 thread
          1/2" long with 10-32 thread
          5/8" long with 10-32 thread
 P: Sear, Kentucky Universal, new $4.

BLUING EQUIPMENT:3204.jpg (69592 bytes)
Oil dip tank with cover. Brownell's fiberglass tank with a 
   drain valve put in it and a shop made steel cover. 
   Used, excellent condition $40.

DIP BASKETS: Makes bluing a whole lot easier, no wiring together parts, no
   losing parts in the tank, just place the parts in the basket and dip it in the bath.3188.jpg (129005 bytes)

Dip basket, Brownell's, never used $10.


Dip basket, 10.5" x 5.625 x 3" tall, expanded metal with  3190.jpg (160601 bytes)
  closed ends. The closed end would keep small, skinny 
   parts from sliding out of
    the basket.  Used, $20.


Dip basket, 9.25" x 5.25 x 3" tall, expanded metal with legs.3200.jpg (187046 bytes)
   The legs hold the basket off the bottom of the blue tank to prevent
   discoloration of the blued parts. Used, $20.




3194.jpg (181310 bytes)

Dip basket, 10 x 5.5 x 3" tall, expanded metal all five sides.
   I have 2, Used,  $20. each




3192.jpg (192660 bytes)

Dip basket, 15 x 5.25 x 3" tall, for longer parts & you can dip 
   pistol barrels without having to put them on wires. Expanded metal
   all five sides.  Used, $20.



3203.jpg (131477 bytes)


Dip basket, 9 x 5 x 3" tall, perforated steel with .093 holes for small parts
   & screws, they won't fall out of the basket. Used, $20.


000_3198.JPG (355358 bytes)Dip basket, 8 x 5.5 x 3" tall, small mesh expanded metal for small parts
   down to the size of scope base screws, closed ends so small pointed
   parts won't stick out the sides.  Used  $20.




What you see is what you get.  Small parts have a letter directly below them and a corresponding description.  Use the letter and description when ordering.  Every effort has been made to assure that descriptions and corresponding prices are accurate.  

For inquiries of Gun Show Table items only, email  gshowtable  @yahoo.com
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For any inquiries send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, for a prompt answer.  No SASE, no answer.

Shipping amounts for items on this page will be the actual amount.  I don't charge for handling.  If you send any money over the actual cost of shipping, it will be refunded.  If you're ordering a small, lightweight part (an ounce or so) it can be combined with a catalog item (coupling, thread protector, etc.) for the $5. flat fee.  Items 4 ounces or more will require additional postage.  Remember, I hold shipping costs down to the actual cost, I'm not going to hit you up for shipping, so if you send too much I send the overage back to you. 
If you are unsure about how much to send for shipping, place your order with your estimated amount for shipping, if it turns out to cost more than expected the items will be set aside for you and I'll inform you of the actual shipping amount.

Returns: If I misrepresented or sent you the wrong part I'll give you your money back and return shipping (via standard mail.)  Otherwise, shipping is non-refundable.  No Returns on items with a "?" mark (unknown).  At this price you take your chance that it will work for you.

WANTED: If you've made it this far, I'd like to ask if you have a couple of things that I'm seeking.

  Motorcycles: Benelli/Wards 50cc;  Honda CB100/125,
    Yamaha DT1,  Suzuki 50,80& 120 models;   M10,M12,M15,M30,M31,K10, B100.  Villiers engines or Villiers engined motorcycles.  I'm looking for parts or parts bikes or complete motorcycle if priced within my range.

I mention motorcycles because we guys swap and trade guns and motorcycle and fast cars, etc., because it's so much cheaper than trading wives, cause every time you get a new wife, you have to buy them a new house.  So if your wife complains about you spending money on your guns, or other hobbies, tell her that your saving the marriage.