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This catalog #36C supercedes all previous catalogs.
Personal Checks held 15 working days to assure clearance, Bank Money Orders (including Cashier's checks) held 7 working days.  U.S. Postal Money Orders can be shipped the next day dependant on availability of stock.  NO credit card checks accepted.  Some items are custom and may not be in stock at all times.  Make checks payable to DAQ.
RETURNS:  Must be made within 3 days of receipt.  Send an advance letter stating what is in the package being returned.  NO packages accepted without advance letter.  Exchanges and Returns subject to Restocking and Re-mailing fee of 10%.
All inquiries must include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.  No SASE, No Response.

Shipping cost decrease: All orders postmarked on or after August 22, 2020 must include $5. flat fee for postage for D.A.Q. items. 

Shipping costs: For all regular DAQ catalog items, $5.00 flat fee per order, not per item.
    This does NOT include items from the Gun Show Table.  For those items, you must contact me for shipping
    cost (email address on the GST page) or you can send extra money for shipping, any overage will be 
     refunded.  If you do not send enough for shipping, your order will not ship until you send the correct
$5. shipping fee is for standard US mail, or whatever works out the cheapest for me.  If you request special shipping you must pay the entire shipping amount in full before the order is shipped.  I do not ship overnight from my rural location.
I will NOT ship COD.
$5. flat fee shipping per order for all DAQ made items.  Whether your order totals $3. or $300., it's still only $5. for shipping.
Please do not send letters requiring a signature.  When I'm working in the shop, I cannot hear the mail carrier come into the driveway; they leave me a note saying I have a letter requiring a signature.  To pick it up at the post office is a 24 mile round trip drive.

$5. shipping fee does NOT apply to items listed on The Gun Show Table page.  Items on the Gun Show Table page will be charged the actual shipping amount.

I do not accept certified or any mail requiring a signature.  When I'm in the shop working, I cannot hear when the postal carrier pulls in the driveway and it's 12 miles, one way, for me to drive to the post office to pick it up.  

I will only ship to the U.S. and its possessions.  Because every country has different gun laws, I can't know them all.  Also the personal prejudices of customs inspectors are sometimes taken out on gun parts, just because it is associated with the word "gun".   If you can arrange through a family member or friend, residing in the U.S., or a forwarding/export company, I'll gladly ship to them.  You, the customer, must make all arrangements with the export company and pay all charges.  I will only accept payments drawn on U.S. banks.


D.A.Q.,  2203 Hwy. AC,  Goodson MO 65663