Returns must have an advance letter.  NO packages accepted without an advanced letter stating what is in the package.  I don't keep records so I can't tell who you are by your name or return address on the package.
In the past, some people have sent me items for my unsolicited examination hoping that I would make an item like it, then they claim royalty payments.  (In 1987 one guy claimed I stole his idea to make muzzle couplings and that I owed him money for that.)
I made my first coupling in 1972.  Maxim, Brown and Parker started making muzzle couplings before WWI.

I don't record addresses and I don't have a mailing list.  You won't hear from me again.  Keep my address if you want to send for a catalog sometime in the future.  A printed catalog can be sent with an order, on request.

 I try to keep prices low, but I must keep costs low.  So I ask for a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with all inquiries so I can send you a reply, or return your check if a one of a kind item you want is already sold.

I do not accept certified mail or any mail requiring a signature.

Shipping is $5. per order, no minimum.  So whether your order is for $10. or $1000., shipping is still just $5. for the entire order.